How can Sygnia work for you?

Everything flows from a simple question: How do we best serve the complex and ever-evolving needs of our institutional clients? Meeting and anticipating those needs is what drives our spirit of innovation and adventure.

From our inception, innovation has been key to our business strategy. We shake up the status quo.

We entered the institutional market in 2003 by reinventing the “multi-manager” sales proposition. Instead of offering standardised “off-the-shelf” product solutions, we offered our clients the opportunity to customise their investment strategies while enjoying the benefits of a full-service, multi-manager administration platform.

Since then we have continued to innovate, with the introduction of:
  • Sygnia Platinum, our world-class investment administration platform
  • Sygnia Signature and Absolute Funds of Hedge Funds – The first funds of South African hedge funds in the country
  • Sygnia Skeleton Funds, South Africa’s first risk-profiled, multi-asset-class product range managed entirely on a passive basis
  • Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund – The first investment fund in South Africa to provide access to companies driving global change through technologies such as virtual reality, AI and 3D printing

And now, the Sygnia Retirement Umbrella Fund – The country’s most cost-effective umbrella fund, incorporating many best-practice principles espoused by the regulators, as well as some innovative solutions of our own.

Find out more about the services we offer to institutional clients:

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What fees will you pay?

All institutional client fees will depend on the size of the assets. In order to determine the maximum fees that apply to your investment with Sygnia please consult our Sygnia Institutional Fee Disclosure.