Our Fees

The lowest fees in South Africa

And no, there is no catch.

Sygnia is determined to lower the cost of saving for all South Africans. That is why we have revolutionised the savings industry by offering savings and investment products for as little as 0.40% per annum.


We are pioneers in the field of index-tracking funds. This allows us to pass considerable savings on to our clients.

As both domestic and international experience shows, few active asset managers outperform the market on a consistent basis. Even fewer do so after management and performance fees are deducted. Passive investment strategies offer a more cost-effective manner of managing your money, while delivering consistently strong performance, which, over time, outstrips the returns earned by active asset managers.

We aim to become the largest index-tracking asset manager in South Africa.

To achieve this it is imperative that we offer a true value proposition to our investors. A fee of 0.40% per annum, which includes both the asset management and the savings product fee, is the lowest cost proposition on offer in South Africa. The lowest fee is our promise to you.

Our success and growth is based on our leading-edge systems and administration platforms.

Our high level of automation means we can do things quickly and efficiently without costly manual processes. We never outsource, and this gives us the ultimate pricing power.

We charge no administration fee.

When you choose to invest in any of Sygnia's unit trusts and unitised life funds via a savings wrapper – such as a retirement annuity, a preservation fund, an endowment or an umbrella fund – the only fee you pay is the asset management fee.

A management fee of 0.40% p.a. is not the only cost saving.

We offer you access to all the major asset management companies in South Africa at the lowest management fees (clean unit prices). We do not accept any rebates for listing unit trusts on our platform. All discounts we can secure are passed on to you.


In order to determine the fees that apply to your investment with Sygnia please consult our Sygnia Fee Disclosure.

You are also welcome to request a Sygnia Investment Quotation from our Client Service Centre. The Sygnia Investment Quotation provides you with a summary of your products, selected funds, asset allocation and the Effective Annual Cost (EAC) of your investment. The EAC will allow you to compare the cost of our Products and Investment Funds with similar offerings from other financial services providers. To obtain a quotation please contact the Sygnia Client Service Centre on 0860 794 642 (0860 SYGNIA) or email admin@sfs.sygnia.co.za.