SURF for your business

Many employers in South Africa opt to participate in umbrella funds, but few have the time or experience to evaluate whether their fund offers the optimal combination of top performance, competitive and transparent fees, and a superior benefit structure.

Why it matters

According to our research the right choice of an umbrella fund can make the difference between members retiring with an income equal to 50% of their pre-retirement income or 100% of that income, after 35 years of saving.

So we launched SURF as the perfect all-in-one combination of flexibility, affordability and pioneering benefit structure.

SURF offers you:
  • The first umbrella solution to provide both in-fund preservation and in-fund annuitisation – members can now seamlessly retain their SURF membership on resignation or retirement and continue to benefit from institutional rather than retail investment fees – these fees are absolutely fundamental to the difference between retiring comfortably and retiring with insufficient savings to maintain an acceptable standard of living
  • Flexible benefit design, with a wide range of investment, death, disability and funeral insurance options
  • Top investment performance that has placed our risk-profiled balanced portfolio range top of its class over 3 and 5 years, considerably outperforming any comparable peer group life-stage portfolios and models
  • All-in-one fee, which is on average half as expensive as that of our closest competitor
  • No administration or client servicing fees
  • A choice of two trustee default investment strategies, active and passive, as well as a range of single asset manager investment options
  • The opportunity to appoint an independent financial advisor to allow you to objectively monitor our performance and service
  • Governance provided by a board of trustees with significant industry expertise and experience
  • Access to extensive information, benefit details and sophisticated financial planning tools through our revolutionary internet portal – Sygnia Alchemy
  • A leading-edge combination of liability and asset administration systems used by clients across South Africa, the USA and the UK, which ensures daily matching of assets and liabilities

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