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Partnering with SURF

participating employer advice

An employer participating in SURF may elect to appoint an independent financial advisor to oversee and review their participation in the fund and to provide employee benefits and investment advice. We are very supportive of this approach, as we believe that objective and independent advice is an essential component of good governance and the only way that an employer can assess whether their employees are being treated fairly in terms of performance, benefit design and fees.

Advice fees are negotiated between the employer and the independent financial advisor. SURF imposes a maximum advice fee of 0.5% of assets, or a percentage of monthly contributions per the legislated scales.

Independent financial advisors enjoy the full support of SURF’s administration team and may, in addition, elect to be serviced by a dedicated SURF client service manager.

They also obtain full access to the leading edge internet portal, Sygnia Alchemy, which allows them access to up-to-date fund information and a spectrum of financial tools that make advice provision easier and more efficient.

Individual member advice

If an individual member chooses to obtain financial advice from a financial advisor and utilise the in-fund preservation and in-fund living annuity options, advice fees can be negotiated between the member/retiree and the independent financial advisor in the form of initial and/or ongoing fees (subject to SURF-imposed maxima).

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