Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund

Many happy returns

The Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund recently celebrated its one year anniversary by giving investors a very special gift - a Rand return of 41.81% after fees. That is 13.38% higher than the return of the S&P 500 Index over the same period (until 31 October 2017).

The Fund was launched in October 2016 and is the first product of its kind in South Africa. It offers local investors exposure to global companies at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It has shown excellent growth since it was launched last year. (See performance)

How it works

Traditional global equity funds focus on old-world manufacturing and services-oriented companies. The Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund diversifies away from this by blending exposure to 13 different market indices, each representing a different ‘new economy’ industry.

These market indices are compiled by Kensho, a US ‘big data’ analytics company. Each index focuses on a different sector, including drones, robotics, space, wearables, cybersecurity, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, smart buildings, virtual reality, cleantech, genetic engineering and clean energy.

Sygnia has entered into an exclusive partnership with Kensho to bring this unique product to the market.

How to invest

There are many ways you can invest in the Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund, here are a few:

  • Are you looking to simply save and invest? Take the most direct route by investing through the Sygnia Direct Investment. You can access your funds at any time and stop investing as you like.

  • Interested in tax-free saving? With the Sygnia Tax Free Savings Account, you can save up to R33 000 per year on a tax free basis, and have instant access to your funds.

  • Saving for Retirement? The Sygnia Retirement Annuity builds your capital on a tax-free basis and evolves with your changing needs. Please note, in terms of Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act you are able to invest 25% of your retirement fund savings in an international investment.

Marketing Sheet

Fund Fact Sheet

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