Sygnia Money Market unit trust

We are living in turbulent times

As corruption has become endemic to both the public and private sector the costs to the country are astronomical and mounting: credit rating downgrades, higher taxes and interest rates, a recession, the gradual collapse of basic services, political disarray and the depletion of savings of all South Africans.

Our courts, through the actions brought by non-partisan civil society organisations, have become the last guardians of our Constitution and our democracy. They are aided by courageous and dedicated journalists willing to speak truth to power. But court cases and investigations require support and funding.

We have decided to step up and help

We will donate all management fees from our two new classes of Money Market unit trust to OUTA, the Black Sash, Corruption Watch, the Helen Suzman Foundation, the Council for the Advancement of the SA Constitution, the Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation.

We will manage the unit trust on a totally non-profit basis and are motivated only by our desire to fight corruption, restore faith in government and encourage economic growth. Even if you don’t invest with Sygnia, you can donate directly to these groups and many other excellent NGO’s, Civil Society Groups and investigative journalism foundations that are taking a stand for our country.

South Africa cannot thrive while the culture of greed and entitlement prevails. Let your money work for good.

Here is how it works:

  • The Sygnia Money Market unit trust is a fund that invests in cash and cash-like instruments. It is marginally more risky than keeping your money in a bank account, but offers better returns.
  • You can invest as little as R1 000 as a once-off investment, or continue to save from as little as R500 per month – you decide.
  • There are two sets of fees: 0.50% per annum (Class S1) or 1% per annum (Class S2). You decide what class you wish to pay in fees, and that determines how much will be donated.
  • So if you invest R1 000 at the 0.50% p.a. level we will charge you a fee of R5 per annum and donate that fee towards fighting corruption. Is R5 meaningful? If we raise just R200 million in investments it will translate into at least R1 million in donations.
  • The entire fee will be donated. We have all agreed to provide our services pro bono, so every cent of your management fee will go to the organisations.
  • To be clear, you are not donating your own money. You are investing it and can still withdraw it at any stage. Sygnia is donating the fee it would normally charge to manage your money.
  • Your investment will be completely confidential.
  • The investment is not limited to individuals. Companies, Trusts and Retirement Funds are encouraged to invest too.

Start here

The quickest and simplest way to invest is through a Sygnia Direct Investment. Download the Fund pack below to find out more.

I want to donate my 0.50% p.a. management fee to fight corruptionFund Pack
I want to donate my 1% p.a. management fee to fight corruptionFund Pack

You can also invest in the Sygnia Money Market fund using our Tax Free Savings Account, Retirement Annuity or any of our other products.

If you have any questions please contact our Client Service Centre on 0860 794 642 (0860 SYGNIA) or email