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Artificial Intelligence. Real Returns.

Sygnia FANG.AI Equity Fund Unit Trust now available! Plus: Explore the Future with Sygnia Itrix FANG.AI Actively Managed ETF.

Invest in the Future of Tomorrow

Welcome to the AI Era.

Attain exposure to pioneers in artificial intelligence, large language models, cloud services, big data, social media, and e-commerce solutions.

What is a FANG fund.

A FANG fund invests in a basket of high-performing technology stocks leading the AI revolution. The acronym FANG stands for four specific companies, Facebook, Amazon, Nvidia and Google.

Available as a Unit Trust.

The high-achieving Sygnia FANG.AI Equity Fund opens the door to the same lucrative investment opportunities for those seeking an alternative option.

A New Era of AI Investment

Sygnia makes active investing into the high-growth tech and AI space easier and simpler for the average investor.

The Sygnia Promise

Lowest fees

We believe in radical fee transparency, and we have the lowest money management fees in South Africa – so you start saving on day one.

A proud track record

From small beginnings, we have grown the assets we manage and administer for our clients to R312.7 billion over the past 16 years. Today, we have clients in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Everyone’s invited

We welcome all savers and investors. Whether you're an individual or an institution, we treat you with the same respect and care.

No matter where you are in life, Sygnia can help

Starting out
Transition into retirement
Starting out
Transition into retirement

Starting out

You’re young, and you’ve just started your career. It’s the perfect time to start planning your financial future and achieving your goals. With our products, you can save for your first home, for a dream travel destination or build a strong safety net for unexpected expenses.

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