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Get the right financial products for your needs - we help you choose from South Africa’s most popular investment funds, including our flagship unit trusts and ETFs.

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A personalised financial plan for you based on one of ten model portfolios, each featuring a unique asset allocation mix to meet different goals or investing styles.

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Craft your own portfolio at the lowest fees in SA. Invest in an exciting array of innovative funds, carefully developed by our team of investment professionals.

The Sygnia Promise

Lowest fees

We believe in radical fee transparency, and we have the lowest money management fees in South Africa – so you start saving on day one.

A proud track record

From small beginnings, we have grown the assets we manage and administer for our clients to R318.1 billion over the past 16 years. Today, we have clients in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Everyone’s invited

We welcome all savers and investors. Whether you're an individual or an institution, we treat you with the same respect and care.

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Starting out
Transition into retirement
Starting out
Transition into retirement

Starting out

You’re young, and you’ve just started your career. It’s the perfect time to start planning your financial future and achieving your goals. With our products, you can save for your first home, for a dream travel destination or build a strong safety net for unexpected expenses.

Lowest fees. Top performance. It adds up.

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Your money is safe with us.

R1.2 Billion protection

Sygnia has adopted a policy of taking out professional indemnity insurance at more than double the cover recommended by our insurance advisors.

Rigorous auditing

Sygnia’s uncompromising focus on strong corporate governance means that all our processes are subject to regular reviews by internal and external auditors, as well as the scrutiny of an internal risk management division.

Independent oversight

The solvency levels of Sygnia Life are monitored by an independent actuary and valuator who regularly reports on our financial soundness to the regulators.

Real people, real questions.

Jesse, 27

"I’m a contract worker earning basic plus commission, which fluctuates from month to month. I haven’t started saving for retirement yet because of this, but feel I need to at least make a start. How do I begin, considering I can’t commit to putting a fixed amount away each month?"

Abigail, 46

"Can I open a tax-free savings account for my child or another family member?"

John-Morgan, 25

"I have the option to contribute to a retirement fund through my work, but I don’t have to. Should I?"

Stuart, 32

"I’m 32 and haven’t yet started saving for retirement. How much of my salary would I need to save monthly if I started now?"

Natasha, 37

"What are the tax benefits of a Retirement Annuity? Can I invest in more than one?"

Cronje, 38

"How does inheritance get taxed? And what would be the best way to keep it or save it tax free?"

Chevonne, 22

"I have custody of my two younger siblings and get a child support grant for them. I work and can sometimes save a little each month. How can I use this money to make our future better?"

Rashied, 23

"Can my fiancée and I open a joint tax-free savings account?"

Quinton, 36

"I’ve just returned from 10 years in the States, so I’m pretty out of touch with the SA financial system. In the US, there were several savings options where you pay no tax, or only pay a small bit of tax when you withdraw. Does SA have anything similar?"

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