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Sygnia Itrix MSCI World Index ETF


The Sygnia Itrix MSCI World Index ETF is a high-risk, passively managed index-tracking fund registered as a collective investments scheme and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as an exchange traded fund.

“Our funds are designed to challenge the status quo, because we want our investors to feel like the world is their oyster, that everything is possible.”

Kyle Hulett, Head of Investments

About this fund

Investment objective and strategy
The investment objective of Sygnia Itrix MSCI World Index ETF is to track the MSCI World Index as closely as reasonably possible. This is a high risk, passively managed index tracking fund, with an objective to replicate the price and yield performance of the MSCI World Index as closely as possible by physically holding a portfolio of securities equivalent to the basket of securities comprising the index and in the same weightings of the index. Index Performance data can be sourced from Bloomberg, Reuters, other data providers and at www.sygnia.co.za

What the fund invests in

United States67.3
United Kingdom4.4
Other 18.9

Risk profile
The fund has a 100% strategic allocation to global equities. The risk in the fund is managed by spreading investments across sectors and individual shares. However, the structure of the fund is dictated by the composition of the MSCI World Index. The focus on a high dividend stream and mid- to large-cap companies provides an added benefit in terms of risk management.

For the investor

Who should invest
The Sygnia Itrix MSCI World Index ETF has a high risk profile and is designed to measure global developed market equity performance, representing companies with a total market capitalisation of approximately US$30 trillion. It is a suitable investment for investors seeking higher returns, those who are willing to tolerate higher volatility and investors who aim to maximise capital accumulation over a longer-term time horizon. The investment is also suitable for investors who wish to maximise their returns in the most cost-effective manner without the need to select asset managers or take on the risk of active and subjective investment decision-making processes. Given the specialist nature of the fund, it should be used as part of a diversified investment strategy rather than as a sole equity investment.


Investment sizeBroker/Other platform(excl. VAT) Sygnia Alchemy Platform(excl. VAT)
First R100m0.60% p.a.0.50% p.a
Over R100m0.40% p.a.0.30% p.a
Total Expense Ratio (TER)0.71% (Dec 2023)0.58% (Dec 2023)
Transaction Cost (TC)0.00% (Dec 2023)0.00% (Dec 2023)
Total Investmeng Cost (TIC)0.71% (Dec 2023)0.59% (Dec 2023)

Excess management fees for investors over R10m are included in the above TER and are distributed back to the investor at each distribution date. A higher TER does not necessarily imply a poor return, nor does a low TER imply a good return. The current TER may not necessarily be an accurate indication of future TER’s. Transaction Costs are a necessary cost in administering the Financial Product and impacts Financial Product returns. It should not be considered in isolation as returns may be impacted by many other factors over time including market returns, the type of Financial Product, the investment decisions of the investment manager and the TER.


The Sygnia Group is a member of the Association for Savings and Investment SA.
Sygnia ltrix (RF) (Pty) Ltd is a registered and approved Manager under the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, 2002. Sygnia Asset Management (Pty) Limited (FSP 873), an authorised financial services provider, is the appointed investment manager of the Fund. Sygnia ltrix does not provide any guarantee with respect to the capital or return of the portfolio. Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) are generally medium to long-term investments. Collective investment schemes are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. The value of investments/units may go down as well as up and past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. ETFs trade on stock exchanges and may therefore incur additional costs associated with listed securities. Unlike a unit trust, which can be bought or sold only once per day, an ETF can be traded intraday, during exchange trading hours. ETFs may invest in foreign securities, which may be exposed to macroeconomic, settlement, political, tax, liquidity, and foreign exchange risks. Performance is calculated for the portfolio, and the individual investor performance may differ as a result of trading cost, price paid for investment share. Additional information on the Index including its performance and tracking error can be viewed on the relevant Minimum Disclosure Document (MDD) on www.sygnia.co.za. A schedule of fees, charges and where the ETF engages in securities lending activities, information on such securities lending activities may be requested via admin@sfs.sygnia.co.za or 0860 794 642. The complete terms and conditions of your ETF investment are contained in the fund's offering circular, pre-listing statement, programme memorandum and/or supplemental deed and index constituents with prices are published daily on Sygnia's website. The documents/information may be obtained from www.sygnia.co.za or on request from Sygnia. Nothing in this document shall be considered to state or imply that the Fund is suitable for a particular type of investor. All the portfolio options presented are approved collective investment schemes in terms of the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act, No 45 of 2002 ("CISCA"). The Manager has the right to close any portfolios to new investors to manage them more efficiently in accordance with their mandates. A copy of the Minimum Disclosure Document (MDD) is available on our website: www.sygnia.co.za.

Index disclaimer
The funds or securities referred to herein are not sponsored, endorsed or promoted by MSCI, and MSCI bears no liability with respect to any such funds or securities or any index on which such funds or securities are based. The offering circular pre-listing statement, programme memorandum and/or supplemental contains a more detailed description of the limited relationship MSCI has with Sygnia Itrix and any related funds.

Fund overview

Risk profile
Time horizon
5+ years
Fund launch date01-04-2008Fund sizeR 16.541 BillionBenchmarkMSCI World Index

Portfolio managers

Sygnia Asset Management (Pty) Ltd

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