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Sygnia Stargazer Tax Free Savings Account

Designed by parents for parents

“We're not just investment professionals, we're moms and dads, too. This was a labour of love for us. We all know someone who would benefit from a Sygnia Stargazer Account, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

Iain Anderson & Kyle Hulett (Head of Investments)

Why a Sygnia STARGAZER Tax Free Savings Account?

Getting started is the toughest part of saving for your child’s future, which is why we’ve created the Sygnia Stargazer Tax Free Savings Account.

It’s child’s play to open, puts you in control and delivers sophisticated portfolio management at a fraction of the price.

Choose a portfolio that works for your Stargazer:

Sygnia Stargazer Green

Invest sustainably.

Your globally diversified portfolio is designed to optimise financial returns while investing in companies that take into consideration environmental and societal factors — such as cleantech innovation, fair labour standards and low carbon emissions.

100% offshore

Focus: Growth

100% strategic allocation to global equities.

Sygnia Stargazer Blue

Invest in the future of wealth.

Your globally diversified portfolio focuses on the most dynamic companies in the future technologies sector and invests in robotics, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, virtual reality, genetic engineering and clean energy.

100% offshore

Focus: Growth

100% strategic allocation to global equities.

Sygnia Stargazer Yellow

Invest for growth and stability.

Your portfolio limits the impact of market volatility while still delivering growth. This is a perfect option for investors with a short investment horizon and/or preference for low volatility.

Mixture of global and domestic assets

Focus: Consolidation

Allocation to equities, bonds and money market assets to offset risk and reward.

Designed for parents, by PARENTS

  • A choice of three portfolios focused on the most dynamic sectors of the economy
  • Save and invest tax-free*
  • Minimum of R500 p/m if you contribute via a monthly debit
  • Your family and friends can help you invest
  • Regular portfolio updates keep you 100% in the loop

*Limits apply For more info, click here

The dynamic portfolio structure, low fees and tax-free investing ensure that your child will benefit from every rand saved. Time and the power of compound interest will do the rest!

Magda Wierzycka – Chief Executive Officer

magda wierzycka small

Easy glider

The Sygnia Stargazer Account offers investors a clearly defined “glide-path” that manages risk and maximises returns.

If you have a long time horizon (i.e. you can stay invested for longer than five years), Sygnia Stargazer Green or Blue offer the greatest opportunity for growth. However, as your child nears their potential “cash out” age, we offer the option to move or “glide” their portfolio into a more conservative portfolio (Sygnia Stargazer Yellow) that protects their investment from sudden market downturns. Sygnia Stargazer Yellow is also a great low-risk option if your investment horizon is shorter or you are looking for a safe “cruising altitude” for your money.

Sygnia Stargazer easy glider

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Here is what you will need

  • Copy of your South African barcoded ID or valid passport (if a foreign national)
  • Proof of bank details
  • Copy of your child’s birth certificate

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