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As a proudly South African company, Sygnia continues to be committed to the policy of sustainable transformation in all its spheres of operation. Transformation and gender equality strategies are a priority, with black and female staff percentages increasing annually.

Sygnia recognises that the sustainability of the business lies in its ability to attract and retain clients. Meeting the targets set by the Financial Sector Code (“FSC”) is an important component of client retention in the institutional market. It is also an important aspect in the context of contributing towards the broader transformation of South Africa to an integrated, balanced and growing society and economy.

Sygnia takes a holistic approach to transformation, implementing strategies across the Group, and takes a long-term view on compliance with the FSC. The ownership aspect was partially addressed through the formation of the Ulundi Staff Trust. Other B-BBEE owners have been brought on board as part of the listing process. Further strategies will be implemented in the future.

Preferential procurement has been an important aspect of the transformation strategy, with an active approach being taken to ensure that procurement explicitly targets B-BBEE as a criterion for service provider selection. Sygnia has actively switched providers to those compliant with its objectives. Support for small, entrepreneurial businesses has also been a feature of the strategy.

Sygnia embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. We strive to empower other businesses to grow by supporting preferential procurement policies. Our corporate social investments programme allows our staff to become involved and to contribute personally to all that we do.

We strive to ensure that we contribute to the development of our staff and the communities around us. Skilled individuals are key to our future success, and as such we focus on education and training in all our business initiatives.

Sygnia Limited is a Level 5 contributor in terms of the Financial Sector Charter Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard.

Sygnia Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is a Level 1 contributor in terms of the Financial Sector Charter Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard.

Sygnia Asset Management (Pty) Ltd Empowerment Certificate
Sygnia Limited Empowerment Certificate
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