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Tax Free Savings

Real people, real questions

Abigail, 46

"Can I open a tax-free savings account for my child or another family member?"

Cronje, 38

"How does inheritance get taxed? And what would be the best way to keep it or save it tax free?"

Quinton, 36

"I’ve just returned from 10 years in the States, so I’m pretty out of touch with the SA financial system. In the US, there were several savings options where you pay no tax, or only pay a small bit of tax when you withdraw. Does SA have anything similar?"

Chevonne, 22

"I have custody of my two younger siblings and get a child support grant for them. I work and can sometimes save a little each month. How can I use this money to make our future better?"

Rashied, 23

"Can my fiancée and I open a joint tax-free savings account?"

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